While trying to teach my son to code, we've made a couple of little games. Feel free to check them out here.

Gyumri fundraiser

When my fiend Hayk Barsegyan came to me with this idea to find money and buy houses for the homeless families in Gyumri, I didn't believe it is possible. But he knows how to persuade. We we made this fundraiser and it worked.

Gyumri - Yerevan Train

For quite a long time the train schedule on the UKZHD website was so bad that I had this pet project, trying to make things easier. You can still take a look, my son recently updated the code.


Clich here to open

Photos for Fact Checking Training

I needed to upload a couple of photos for my fact checking training and make them available, so I'll just drop them here: Dino, Nikol, Yerevan Railway.